Bootstrap #Holi Weekend

27th March 2021

Coffee Culture, Mahanagar,

Discussion Threads:-

  • Network Marketing, MLM, Affiliate Marketing.
  • Pros and Cons of Food Delivery Apps like Swiggy and Zomato.
  • Food - "Ready to Eat" segment vs "Ready to Cook" segment/examples.
  • Importance of Distribution Channels in packaged food industry.
  • "Startup" definition - is it about scale, invention or innovation.
  • Pharma Industry - How does patents and Intellectual Property works.
  • Patents in pharma industry are process oriented not product oriented.
  • Scalability of business in travel industry.
  • Travel - Boutique model or Thomas Cook model.
  • Solutions available for Independent or Solo Traveller
  • Benefits of Reward Based Systems to encourage users.

🥇 New BW Member - Mr. Abhay Joshi

Abhay is in the process of finalising his startup, "Forgotten Flavours" in the "Ready to Cook" segment. Abhay, originally from Uttarakhand is settled in Lucknow. He has worked in Wipro for 6 years in the area of Business Finance followed by a small stint in Swiggy before he decided quit the comforts of a corporate job.

Group Photo:

Note: One of our regulars, Mr. Neeraj Saxena also joined us. (Not in photo)

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